SACRITINERIS comes from a conjunction of two Latin words.

SACRITI – that which is sacred

ITINERIS – a path or journey

“the sacred path”

While there are many sources for obtaining imitations of “sacred” jewelry… We have found no others who take the time and energy to create truly SACRED jewelry, all by hand made (often using our stone hammers and wooden anvil) one of a kind. We utilize a mixture of raw natural and polished gems and crystals, designed with a minimalist approach.


You don’t have to believe in MAGIC to see the beauty in our work. Let SACRITINERIS make every day (or that special day) sacred…with handmade jewelry that will last a lifetime.




      having a HUMAN experience 

We here at SACRITINERIS work in both the physical and spiritual realms to help lead humanity to their own true divine potential! We offer not only a comprehensive selection sacred jewelry (all empowered with ancient magic) but also offer spiritual and energetic healing, protection, and empowerment to help you on your own journey to Ascension.


I myself come from a long line of sacred magi, and Shaman… Dating back to before Christ. Working along side my Priestess, who comes from a family directly descended from the native shamans. We have both walked this path of the sacred for most of this life, and many before. Working together we call upon both the Divine masculine and feminine…on both the physical and spiritual realms. To help you to achieve true mastery and unity.



All of our jewelry is customized and made to order, invoking the energies of the earth to assist you. We call upon the teachings and spirits of our ancestors to help us in the spiritual work needed for each individual client.

Contact us for a free consultation… Our packages (offering both jewelry and energy work) start at only $133 (jewelry starts at $77). Financing available.

– Rothi –


email: SACRITINERIS@gmail.com

Phone: 719-588-7262


– Don’t take my word for it, let my customers speak for themselves –

Super-knowledgeable and I had a fantastic time “talking shop” with him. I had a very interesting vision during my Akashic reading…wow 🙂 – Meg –

Intuitively connected and gives expert advice. Days later I am still getting great insight. Thanks – Rose –

An exceptional healer…I’ve experienced some very powerful shifts of personal energy and release of old wounds after sessions with him. Highly recommend his services. – Jasmine –


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