Welcome to the Sacred Path

The name SACRITINERIS comes from a conjunction of two Latin words.

SACRITI – that which is sacred

ITINERIS – a path or journey

Together they mean “the sacred path”.   This page will serve as the forum to share the knowledge of the ancients, that which most of society has forgotten (or been conditioned by religion/government to believe is false) for the purpose of helping to bring humanity out of the dark ages, achieving our true (divine) potential.

They speak of the coming apocalypse, the truth is… I hope it is near! But the true meaning of the word does not mean the end, but rather ” the lifting of the veil ” the beginning! When the Mayan calendar came to an end, on December 21 – 2012, that was the end, but also the beginning. It marked the end of the”dark ages ” as the earth began to move in its orbit closer to the sun (as opposed to further away, as it had been for the previous 5280 years). We are now entering the age of enlightenment!

We will be starting a virtual and physical group ” ancient ways” (physically based in Chicago.) that will focus on lost knowledge, relating to ancient (and often forgotten) cultures such as that of the Toltec, Mayans, Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, & Aghartha.

Our primary focus is on that of the human minds ability to manifest and create our reality, our ability to heal ourselves (without drugs or medicines) and remain healthy (through the mental focus and belief in ones well-being).

            Rothi – wizard, warrior, healer, teacher.


Published by wizardrothi

Shaman, poet, mystic, healer, spiritual warrior, and keeper of the light, teacher of ancient knowledge to enlighten humanity to their true potential.

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