How to protect yourself on the astral level.

With all that is going wrong in the world today there is even more wrong going on the astral level. As some of you may know we’re already at the 5th dimension and the second wavers of ascension are just starting to wake up. It’s important to protect ourselves from the negativity that’s going on especially in the astral levels! Some people are seeing negative extra-terrestrials implanting people with terrible energy and there’s a slew of more problems going on behind the scenes. So I’ll break down how I protect myself from such negativity and how you can too. It’s simple and requires only your imagination. For you can’t take guns to the astral so imagination is your only defense.

1. Before you sleep and when you wake up.
Every time you go to sleep make sure to use white light meditation. The concept of this is very simple, imagine white light surrounding you. Breath it in and breath it out. Immerse yourself in this white protective light. Making sure to do this every time you wake and sleep will strengthen your imagination to such forms of shielding and is everyone’s first line of defense.

2. Shields.
Shields are simple as you can get. Imagine your body surrounded by sacred geometry such as a star tetrahedron or even start off simple with a basic bubble shield or a basic pyramid. Point is, that with a conscious grid of energy surrounding you, it gives protection against a number of things. The more you practice the better it gets to the point of being automatic before astral travel or day to day life.

3. Gratitude, Compassion, Love.
These are the highest levels of vibration that we can deal with on the planet we call Gaia. These levels of emotional vibration carry over to the dream world and the astral and are immensely powerful. With white light meditation and shielding yourself you’ll need energy to fuel the protection. You can build your love energy by.
Being grateful. (write a list of things you’re thankful for and build that emotion up.)
Being compassionate. (try to understand others’ point of view and see that all is truly love.)
Being loving. (love is that feeling of looking into your newborn’s eyes for the first time. It’s sacred, it’s powerful and it can be easy as a hug and opening your heart.)

with all three steps you can protect yourself from negative entities such as archons and malevolent E.T.s as well as build up your vibration to enjoy life more fully. Accepting and understanding is your greatest strength in a crazy, crazy world. It may take awhile before you can be fully confident in your protection and will take a bit of work. But when you start getting the ball rolling it picks up fast and you’ll be wondering why it was so hard to protect yourself on the energetic level. Hopefully you’ll find yourself sharing this knowledge with others as the world begins to wake up to a brighter reality where we all know the basics of protecting ourselves and loving others.

2 thoughts on “How to protect yourself on the astral level.

  1. Sound advice Rothi, wisdom shines through this one, There is a definite tangible world beyond the physical and more awareness and utilization of that other part of creation can take us to great heights. Thank you for the helpful article.


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