– SACRITINERIS – course summary

SACRITI – that which is sacred.
ITINERIS – a path or journey

– SACRITINERIS – “the sacred path” a course in mastery of self, manifesting and creating ones reality, on all realms of creation. Mastery over ALL elemental realms as they interact with our corporeal, mental, and spiritual BEing.

Teachings are based on ancient and sacred magic, using often lost languages, ritual, teachings, and meditations integrating principles of Alchemy, Magic (from Egypt, Atlantis, and the Angels) : ultimately leading to mastery of ones mind, body, spirit, and surroundings.
The courses are broken down into total of 7 sections.

INITIATE – stage. Where we go over the procedures of integrating ritual and magic into our daily life. A brief overview of the platonic solids, sacred geometry, and how to properly prepare ones self and surroundings for sacred magic.

FIRE – in this element, we focus our attention on binding ourselves to the divine light of creation, and burning away the darkness of our souls. KARMA CLEANSING – is our first lesson, where we go over a ritual and invocation from ancient Egypt designed for this purpose. We then proceed internally, to a series of meditations based on Spiritual Alchemy, to bring about unity. We conclude with elemental magic, fire scrying, and a pair of fire protection rituals.

EARTH – our current realm, where we learn to better connect and respect our surroundings. Clearing the Chakras, Shielding oneself through building a crystal shield around ones aura, an ancient Egyptian invocation: the sacred wedding, where one is bound to divine light. The consecration of ritual and sacred objects. And finally: rite of healing. Where we call on the angels to heal others.

AIR – the higher realm, realm of the Angels and Dragons. Working with travel and communication. Where we will begin with an invocation of the GodSelf, uniting our corporeal being with our higher spiritual being. We also work with the Astral (spirit realm) and Akashic (past/alternate realities) how to learn from them, and how to break ties with that no longer serving us.

WATER – symbolic of thy inner self, the sea of life. The realm of healing. We continue with more advanced alchemy meditations, calling upon thy patron spirits and higher powers, and how to integrate them into your own soul. And finally, we look into elemental magic with water scrying, a ritual to call forth the waters of the gods, and summary of the elemental magic.

SPIRIT – Entry into Unity. Bridging the higher and lower realms as one. Here we will begin with the seven realms of creation, divinity of man – thy GodSelf, and breaking free from corporeal limitations. The tools of spirit conscious such as telepathy, esp, etc. Entry into the dream realm (learning from and mastery of ones dream state), advanced elemental magic, and finally identifying ones spirit guides, and the ritual vision quest.

MASTERY – the final session, where we focus on full creation of ones reality. Using and creating symbols, sigils, rituals, invocations, and language. As well as the language of light and sound.

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Shaman, poet, mystic, healer, spiritual warrior, and keeper of the light, teacher of ancient knowledge to enlighten humanity to their true potential.

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