Recognizing Darkness

Learn and know thyself. Face and accept your fears as a part of who you are. See fears as respect for forces you perceive as stronger than your own, that are not in alignment with your divine purpose. But realize, fears are natural, and presented to us to teach and empower us. Not all darkness is your shadow self. It is important to become aware of your shadow aspects so you can learn what one must master from yourself, and what must be overcome from outside influences.
– SHADOW SELF – learn from your own internal fears, created by the conscious and subconscious of thy self. Recognize it as a part of you to teach you. Being that it is a part of you… Realize, you are its master. Not vice versa. As such, you have no reason to fear or succomb to it.
– EXTERNAL – learn to recognize the darkness projected from others. Realize it is a reflection of their own fears and insecurities, not yours! It is a creation of a weak soul, seeking to feed off the energy of others. Realize it is not a part of you. As such, it only has authority over you IF you allow it to have dominion over yourself. Ultimately, all is our choice.
– PHYSICAL / MENTAL MANIFESTATIONS – I realize mental demons (in the form of addiction, etc.) Can often manifest physical and mental challenges. For example if one turns to alcohol to silence the voices of ones inner demons, these “spirits” from the alcohol will then manifest in terms of mental and psychological demons.
– SACRED MEDICINES – Tobacco, Mushrooms, Peyote, Ayuhaska, etc. Are sacred elements of the earth. (Yes, even tobacco!) These are considered as such because of how strong their spirits are. These spirits, used currently, can be very strong allies and powerful teachers. But one needs to be mindful of their strength, and respect them by honoring them, not calling on them other than in sacred spade and time. The smoke of tobacco, if used in moderation, can consecrate a space. The same element, in excess, can cause health issues. I know how challenging it is to break free from an addiction. Perhaps a transition is to use sacred plants only in nature, where they’re from. So their powerful spirits do not get trapped in enclosed (unnatural) confines.
Stay strong in your convictions, know as a student and master walking the sacred path, we are protected by divine intent, by ANGELS and DRAGONS. The immortal masters of higher and lower realms. A dragon remains calm – victory is to the one who stays focused. Composed.
When presented with fears, face it head on. Accept it. Master it. Realize it is a reflection of your own fears, as a reflection…it is not real! So has no dominion over you. Unless you grant it!
Realize: you are master of your domain
Fear is imposed by weaker forces. To make us stronger.
Order the fear to depart.
Know: no matter how strong they seem to be, ALL external forces MUST submit to our authority. As the ultimate decision maker of our reality… Is OUR free will!
External forces that remain, do so ONLY with your acceptance.
They have one of four intents. Learn to recognize them.
Realize, there can be no darkness without the light. Which is master, is our choice.

Published by wizardrothi

Shaman, poet, mystic, healer, spiritual warrior, and keeper of the light, teacher of ancient knowledge to enlighten humanity to their true potential.

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