DivInitY ( DIY)

Mankind has questioned its existence since the inception of cognitive reasoning. On the eternal hunt for a higher power around him, something in the vast expanses of the unknown (be it spiritual or scientific in nature) allowing us to escape responsibility for ones actions. “The devil made me do it.” … “We are on a mission from God.” …
We have been told since the beginning of creation that we have to answer to higher authority. Religious, political, military, etc. All masters chosen by man. I repeat “CHOSEN BY MAN!” The divinity you seek is within you. The final deciding factor for all of humanity. Is FREE WILL! Weather you believe you are MASTER or SLAVE…either way, you are CORRECT!! The choice is yours. So why do most chose to remain as slaves? A simple answer. MASTERY requires OWNERSHIP of your actions. It mandates that one think and act in accordance with the greater good, or take responsibility for the harm done to another as a result. This level of obligation is one FEW are ready to accept! (But ALL are capable of).
It is said that Man is created in the image of God. But what if the other is true… ? What if God truly is omnipresent… Not a person, but rather a spirit. The very life force of creation! Existing in unity, as neither and both man/woman. Symbolic of both darkness and light. As both are required for creation.
In fact “God” is the very energy of divine creation, and not a man. “Christ Consciousness” has been manifest in physical creation (known by many names… Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha, etc. ) Few realize “Jesus” is actually a TITLE (meaning “Savior”) just as Christ means ” the anointed one”… Also a title. The actual name of the Christ Savior was NEVER given in the bible. The reason for this, as I understand, because CHRIST is a state of being, a level of higher consciousness (that we can all obtain) where man acts in divine will (freedom from Ego) rather than a person, a personal representation of the potential of humanity.
Here lies the great paradox of creation. Mankind are spiritual beings, sharing a physical existence(as co-creators) in order to understand corporeal form, but to attain true spirituality one must break free from ego (physical attachments). Is it possible… to have a physical existence, without physical attachment? I believe YES! But it’s not an easy road, and many times it seems a solitary path. Remember, there is only one YOU, we all have our own path. All taking different roads to the same destination. Meeting others on their own voyage, helping (and getting help from) others we meet along the way. The big secret is faith in all. Knowing (without doubt) that all we encounter are divine will and chosen by our higher self. Some are chosen to teach us, some to make us stronger, some to help us to conquer our fears. But all happens for a reason.
Just remember, sometimes that reason is we make bad choices!
… Stay Conscious!

Published by wizardrothi

Shaman, poet, mystic, healer, spiritual warrior, and keeper of the light, teacher of ancient knowledge to enlighten humanity to their true potential.

2 thoughts on “DivInitY ( DIY)

  1. I have a question on this. …if CHRIST means higher consciousness. …then why were Adam and Eve not permitted to eat from the tree of knowledge


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