The return to Atlantis

We are on the epoch of a monumental breakthrough! 

The tales of my Atlantis are not totally accurate. It was more than a place. It was a state…of BEing. Created by the consciousness of mankind, at the epoch of their abilities (in mind, body, and spirit.) I am gathering a team of masters in corporeality to recreate this realm, as we speak. 

 I have been very busy the last month or so speaking with some of my spiritual family, and have some exciting news to reveal! (With more in development, for the coming months).

First and foremost, I am finalizing details to purchase 35 acres of raw natural land located in San Luis Valley, Colorado (right on US-160. Less than an hour drive from Mt. Blanca, the Alamosa Sand Dunes, and the Hot springs.). This will serve as the physical home for my school and a school of alchemy, research facility, spiritual healing center, as well as a shop for selling​  items (made by the school, staff, and associates). 

In addition, I have been speaking with a member of my soul family who is a wise and skilled alchemist, currently residing in Oregon. We are working out the details to merge forces, so he will be teaching alchemy along with my spiritual energy work. In addition, he we are working on the rent/purchase of land in Oregon for an additional school there. 

I also am working with another alchemist already in Colorado, who is almost certain he will also be working in alliance with us, to create a new reality! 

Living facilities will not (initially) be on the formal school grounds in Colorado, but I know a few spiritual family that have land for off grid communities. We are also working on a huge announcement related to that, and should have more details in a month to 6 weeks. 

I will be going down to Colorado around the third week of June (next month) to finalize the details on it all, and work on the land from there. I will be going there with a healer/shaman that I know and have worked with in the past, who will be a part of the healing center. Until then, he will be on the road doing healing seminars and healing. (Some of which I will also be in attendance). 

All this growth and abundance does not come for free. It requires great faith and unconditional commitment of all resources, including a great deal of monetary investment. Currently my economic needs (and liquidity) are very limited! But the fates (and Lady Tara herself) have stated that this is my destiny, and the all I need  will be provided (and thus far, it has been). My associate who owns the land believes in me and my cause enough to work with me on the funding, as do Lord Enki and Lady Tara. So who am I to question divinity!? 

I have a few ideas in the works to help with the costs. Some conventional (putting together a financial and business plan, which I will work on crowd funding campaign, as well as considering a “time share” format.) In the more unconditional area, I had the inspiration of doing an arts and spiritual goods auction (on line) and potential fund raising event here in Chicago. I have reached out to a few colleagues and artists and gotten some amazing offers including original art from world famous artist, and rate Victorian era gems. 


You do not want to miss this auction!

Also 💯% of the donation and proceeds from my school and healing services are being invested into the property purchase and development. 

I also had a vision of a healers dragon mask that I had when I was in Atlantis, and have recreated it. The prototype is NOT FOR SALE! – but I am presenting it here to show an example of it’s majesty. I am taking orders for custom designed and hand made to your spec. Based on the energy you seek to tap into. 

Prices start at $222 (plus materials and shipping fees). 

For reference, mine is as follows: Turquoise main body, orthrocera fossil nose, angel aura quartz horns, full flash labradorite third eye, Moldavite pupil. Copper wire, with silver and hematite accents.  $333 – (plus shipping) 

Please contact me if you are interested, I’m happy to price materials and provide a free design estimate. (Final design is told to me by the crystals, so please be open to creativity). Normally design is $50 but I will waive it. And can work with payments. (but all materials MUST be paid in advance, and are non refundable.) 

Published by wizardrothi

Shaman, poet, mystic, healer, spiritual warrior, and keeper of the light, teacher of ancient knowledge to enlighten humanity to their true potential.

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