Universe Soul Consciousness

Three day spiritual retreat: event summary and pre-sale for spiritual and experiential community to be located in San Luis Valley, Colorado. On sacred land bordered by Mount Blanca, the hot springs, and Alamosa Sand Dunes.

Special pricing!

Now $555 if prepaid!

Three days of Soul transformation

(Recognizing darkness, shadow, and light aspects of thyself.)


Overview: this series consists of nine alchemical meditations designed to unify the soul. Energetic and spiritual protection, removal of barriers and energetic distortions placed on the physical and astral self, a series of ancient Egyptian invocations that Christ actually went through as his initiation, recalling past life, and removal of bonds from this life (and alternative akashic existence) to clear the self and soul from limitations not serving your divine purpose.


$1111 retail value

ONLY $777

Limited Availability
Lesser banishing: ancient ritual and ceremony to cast out thy shadow aspects of thyself, and external forces not serving divinity.
Chakra: clearing, alignment, and shielding of the energetic meridians of the physical body.
Jehovian Seals: removal of boundaries, energetic blockages and other distortions placed on ones soul in it’s creation as a result of the boundaries placed on Earth’s crystalline grid through axiatonal lines 7 (meridian ley lines) which correlate to the left side of the body.

This begins the process of opening ones self to spiritual Ascension within the physical being, resulting in higher DNA activation due to the removal of the unnatural seals that block DNA strands 4 – 12 (and higher if Indigo) from ever activating.
Middle Pillar: ancient energetic visualization creating a crystalline shield around ones aura.

Alchemy Meditation:
– Philosophers Egg: bridging of ones inner and outer self.

– Separation: guiding one’s self to disconnect from external forces not serving ones higher good.

– Coagulation: connection and immersion in the universe, helping one achieve unity.

– Ourosburos: Creating unity through the unification of opposing aspects of ones soul.

– Hermaphrodite: Finding unity through embracing duality. Uniting the masculine and feminine aspects of one’s self.

– Caudecus: Bridging the active and passive, physical and spiritual aspects of one’s self.

– Sol & Lune: Learning the solar and lunar aspects of one’s self.

– Soul Bird: Nourishing the soul through flights of ones inner spirit. Bearing the essence of creation surrounding them.

– Heart Centered: Harmonizing ones internal pulse with the outside world.
Egyptian Initiation:

– Initiatory Blessing: Reminds the soul of who we are.

– God Self Invocation: Fully accepts and integrates the Divinity of ones soul.

– Sacred Wedding: Unifies the conscious and unconscious realms, waking and dreaming, Creator and creation.

– Divine Identity: Identifies ones higher self as God.

– Right of Totemic Integration: Emerging of ones totemic spirit into ones daily life and dreams.

– Overcoming Karma: Cleaning up of one’s life. Consequences of unconscious living.

– Soul Memory: Explore the akashic memory of ones soul. Clearing up ones past lives attachments.
Angelic Invocation: Calling upon the angelic forces of Divine creation as ones guardian and protector.
Akashic Memory: helping one to learn from past/parallel existence.
Akashic Ties Ceremony: Ritual to cut the bonds of ones soul, leaving a clean slate to create ones existence.
We are offering this three day spiritual retreat, all inclusive (private earth cabin, all meals, and services. On our 35 acre retreat in Colorado, at the foot of Mt. Blanca. Located on the North side of US-160.).
Retail value of this amazing package is $1111. However, because we are in the early stages of building, we are offering you a special discount of just $777, but only if you reserve in advance.
Don’t hesitate, reserve your Universe-Soul-Consciousness package today.
This special offer is only valid for a short time and may end without notice.
Email: sacritineris@gmail.com

Cell: 773-466-7327

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