“Is the Divinity of MAN in harmony with CREATION.” (Anton Eliphas Levay)

Even the Bible says that man was created in the image of God. Therefore, MAN is of Divine Creation (and capable of being his own master). Man, according to the Bible, also was condemned to mortality for eating from the tree of knowledge(portrayed as the apple, which is a sacred fruit to the Druids… Because of the seeds forming a 5 pointed star when you cut it. The Druids were the biggest threat to Christianity in it’s early evolution). Tempted by a serpent (Dragon!) Because unlike religion, dragons embrace wisdom (and MAGIC).

Religion was created by Man, to allow the few to control the many. But wise man needs not divine guidance to prevent him from ill intent. You see… More violence and war has been caused in the name of religion, than by all other causes combined. Yet mankind fails to realize, all religion are the writing of man.

It is said that God created man In his own image. But what if the other is true? What if… Man created God? Or at least the corporeal concept we are so familiar with. As I understand it, GOD is not a person (although the energy of Divine Creation has been incarnate in many). God, in truth, is the Divine energy of creation. If you look to most (if not all) modern religion, they all go back to a common base, even from the same part of the world. There are many more similarities than differences in all religion. So… Why the argument over which is right, if they all truly teach the path of enlightenment? The answer is simply, as I stated. Because religion was created by Man.

We now embark upon an Evolution in consciousness, where Mankind is starting to awaken to his own true divinity, seeing past the lies and illusion, in order to rule as his own master, in alignment with divinity.

You see, the (self appointed) “masters” need you, but we do not need them. It is time for the return to MAGIC. The return of the Divine Hu-Man. The Ascension of consciousness.

Join me, if you will, as I offer the teachings of the Atlantian Dragon. Returning mankind to it’s divinity, as master of only ones self. Free from Ego, Fear, Regrets, or Judgement.

Classes start on January 15, with the first payment due on March 21. (The true start of the new year!).

Stay tuned for an article introducing the Dragons tree of Life, and the Language of the Fire Dragon. Which is the basis for our teachings, and guides us out of the shadow of our former self, lighting the path for our divinity.

Published by wizardrothi

Shaman, poet, mystic, healer, spiritual warrior, and keeper of the light, teacher of ancient knowledge to enlighten humanity to their true potential.

2 thoughts on “MAGIC…

  1. You are been misguided in your views… Man is divine only because God created him in His image and Man’s divinity can only be revealed and expressed if he walks the path God created for him


    1. Religion criminalized mankind for seeking wisdom. Too many people read the Bible literally! I am not here to convert anyone. If you do not share my views, you will fit in with the masses, and feel right at home (not asking questions or thinking). Blindly following… As religion preaches.


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