Shielding and Protection

I have many who contact me in search of ways to break/repel spells, curses, black magic, and negative attachment/entities. Let me take this time to provide a few simple methods. One to repel any spells or curses, and another to create a shield to protect you from future attacks. But first… Realize, all in the realm of MAGIC (which is truly, our ENTIRE realm of existence. If we accept that it is) is created FIRST in the MIND.

Just like in “The Matrix” … The mind creates the reality. Even the physical realm, first started as an IDEA! Which was then concreted into the physical realm with focused intent and channelling of force. This is the same for the energetic and spiritual realms. ALL has the strength and ability to effect you, only with YOUR ACCEPTANCE! Nothing is your “Master” unless YOU choose to serve it!.

With that being said, let’s begin first with a mirror spell that will repel ANY spells, curses, or negative attachments. Including psychic and demonic.

Spell to REPEL any black magic
Black candle
Sea salt
Spring or natural water
Focused intent

This is done over the evening, when one is sleeping. Begin by placing the mirror in a location that will not be in the path of other people (or animals) in your home, I recommend to place it against a wall with just a foot or so of space between it and the wall. Place the candle so it reflects into the mirror. (The black energy of the candle will attract all negative energy, transmute it into light through the flame, and send it back through the mirror to it’s source.). Light the candle for the period of one night. Leaving it to burn itself out.

If one wishes – state your intent when you light the flame. Something to the effect of… “With the lighting of this flame, I hereby reject ALL negative attachment, spells, curses, and black magic. Sending it back to it’s source.”

The following morning, take up the mirror and clean it with the salt water. Be cautious to NOT look into the mirror until after you have completed the complete cleaning of it with the salt water! Also take up any remains of the candle and dispose of it in a stream of flowing waters, or bury it in the ground where it will not be disturbed.

When one buries the candle also dispose of the salt water used to clean the mirror, and any paper towels. Dispose of them at the same time, in the same way.

Take the time to thank them for their assistance, and return them to the Earth to be transmuted into raw material.

Energetic Shield

As stated… All in the realm of MAGIC is created in the mind. This is a mental visualization of an energetic Shield that is very powerful! It is strong enough to last for 3 days. But I suggest getting in the habit of doing it on a daily basis, when one first wakes up. It is based on the ancient symbol of Ascension… The Merkaba!

For those who are not familiar, the MERKABA is composed of two pyramids (one pointing upwards of light energy, the other pointed down and composed of dark energy). Both rotating in opposite directions.

Starting with your tantien (the core of your physical body, located 2 fingers width below your navel). First mentally project the pyramid (symbolic of fire) of light energy, pointing upwards. Allow the pyramid to expand until it reaches above your head and covers your entire upper body.

Next, create a pyramid of black light (the chaos energy of creation) going downwards, connected to the base of the pyramid you created previously (held in your subconscious mind).

Begin to visualize both pyramids spinning. The upper one going clockwise, the lower one counter-clockwise. Visualize them spinning faster and faster, as they gain velocity, they begin to create a terroidal shield around them of white light energy.

Allow your subconscious to cement this shield into energetic reality. Staying in place as your attention wanders and you return your focus to the physical realm, knowing that you are shielded on all realms from any negative energy. No matter how strong the source! Know that for them to enter, requires YOUR express approval!.

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Shaman, poet, mystic, healer, spiritual warrior, and keeper of the light, teacher of ancient knowledge to enlighten humanity to their true potential.

One thought on “Shielding and Protection

  1. Thanks alot for this lecture…… I hope to get my own apartment or quite zone soon, so that i can really put all these tutorial into practice. It can only take a wizard to make it look so simple to implement from the lecture


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