Return of the DRAGON MAGIC!

Lasæ Æru (welcome, in the native Dragon Language) my friends, allies, and spiritual family. As many of you know, I have been blessed with much knowledge being granted (returned?) to me since my arrival at the sacred lands in Colorado where I am residing (home to SACRITINERIS: FRATERNAL ORDER OF THE ATLANTIAN DRAGON).

The last month ELOEMÆ (my Dragon guide, who has been my companion since ATLANTIS) has been teaching me a new system of DRAGON ENERGY ATTUNEMENT… Called LIAREDÆ (named after the cosmic Waters of Creation). I have been working with my spiritual Dragon family in refining and perfecting the techniques, so they can be applied to (and taught to) others.

The initial testing is done, and the program for teaching it is almost completed! I’m very honored to announce it’s return to the realm of Creation.

There are a total of 4 levels, the first being physical. Followed by mental, spiritual, and Finally AKASHIC (where one is granted access and healed from all realms of Creation). The full process takes 4 months to integrate, as each level requires one full lunar cycle of 29 days to integrate.

Stay tuned, and reach out if you are interested in receiving or being a facilitator of LIAREDÆ: DRAGON ENERGY ATTUNEMENT.

Cell phone or WhatsApp: 719-588-7262

The full system will be ready for teaching by March 15. We are also in CREATION of a full website dedicated to it.

Published by wizardrothi

Shaman, poet, mystic, healer, spiritual warrior, and keeper of the light, teacher of ancient knowledge to enlighten humanity to their true potential.

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