Finding your magic!

There are many in today’s society who live in a constant state of feeling unfulfilled. Yet they continue to go through the motions of their knowingly unsatisfying life, working their dead end job, in an unhappy relationship (or miserably alone) because either they feel they don’t deserve better… Or they are worried that the alternative is potentially worse (so why risk it). I know… For I speak from experience!

Many of you know who I am and the life I live. My current existence is almost magical in itself. I live on 35 acres of (arguably) some of the most majestic land in the country… in a state of almost total freedom and tranquility. My needs are met, including this very land being provided… All on a basis of DIVINE FAITH! After being single for my entire life, I even have the most beautiful woman (and her son) who seek to join me in the very near future.

This has not always been the case. Less than a year ago, I was wrapping up my 30+ year career working in the culinary industry as a pantry cook (burned out from the whole industry, but unqualified for any other “normal” job). I needed to make ends meet, and was too afraid to live in faith…yet. (But that was soon to change!).

The writing was already on the wall. When I started my last job (which I took just because it was a wood fired hearth. And it gave me an excuse to play with fire) with the Fates telling me to fully embrace MAGIC in my life. You see, when I started work there, they already had another person named “KEVIN” so asked me if I had any nicknames. I replied, without hesitation, “The Wizard” … And it stuck! I learned in my few months there, many of their staff (especially at management and Executive level) were indeed very interested in “the left hand path”. So I became the local resource for those seeking to learn more of the occult.

Let’s rewind to set the scene in Colorado, on the beautiful land I call home now, and serves as the home to SACRITINERIS. I took a break from Chicago, to help my mom in her final years, in Wisconsin. A point in my life where I was open to being guided by the universe as to my next destination on this realm we call Earth. I had always been seeking to connect to the land and return to a more organic life. In this search, I came across the person who I am buying the land from where I currently reside (BL Robertson). Somewhere in the virtual realms, I saw this land he had and was seeking to start a sustainable community here. I paid a deposit to him, and began to work on finding others who were seeking the same path. Many people replied, but few were truly ready (or as mentioned, more afraid of change than suffering). So the land sat here under-utilized for another 4 years, with only a small cabin on it for his efforts.

Return to the Chicago timeline, in May of 2017. I’m feeling underappreciated and remembering why I got out of the hospitality industry. With long hours, low pay, and little respect. I get a message from BL that if I seek to buy the land he will work with me, on my terms, and that I can go live there (which would also help him in having someone to ensure the land stays safe from harm). I reply, I am definitely interested. And send him a small deposit. (Not having a vehicle of my own or any idea how I will get there!).

I get a message from a kindred spirit (Leanna Brandice Curry) in Florida (who we spoke about traveling the the country in her motorhome, on a spiritual sojourn… Which never manifested). That she has been told by the spirits that she is supposed to come to pick me up in Chicago and deliver me to Colorado. I take it with a grain of salt. Having been told before that she is coming, never to arrive. Low and behold, she does! (To my own surprise).

I definitely had a calling to the land here, almost like I was returning home. Even though (in this incarnation) I had never even really been to Colorado. The mountains always had called me. I ask one of my friends (who is married to Thoth, and communicates with him) if this was indeed my home. He (Thoth) replied “the land has always been yours” (how could I argue with Thoth?).

So here we are, my friend (who I have never met before, and drove from Florida for the sole purpose of delivering ME to “my home” in Colorado). Her young daughter, my dog, and a car full of “stuff”. Somehow it all fit into her tiny car. And we were off.

The trip was very educational for us both. More than anything, I think we learned the power of faith! In one’s life. That if one truly believes something, and is open to receive, that the universe can (and WILL) provide the means.

That is the message of this all. If you are unhappy in your life, ANY aspect of it
… Ask the universe, and be open to receive. Open to CHANGE! Know that you CAN leave the negative behind, no matter how deeply ingrained it is into your being! At any point, you can pick up and start over.

Think about what you truly want to do in your life… Find your true purpose. Be open to receive it. ANYTHING is possible… I am living proof. Currently running an on-line “school of magic” (similar to Professor X – school for the gifted, meets Hogwarts) and am casting it into physical Creation on the sacred lands I call home.

The only person who can stop you from reaching your true purpose… Is yourself!

Published by wizardrothi

Shaman, poet, mystic, healer, spiritual warrior, and keeper of the light, teacher of ancient knowledge to enlighten humanity to their true potential.

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