Dragon magic!!!

Greetings to all… First I would like to say that the mastery course is open entry at all times ( SACRITINERIS.com/mastery ) because I am now doing the lessons as an email. Also the first 3 lessons are always FREE!

SECONDARILY – I will have the new sweatshirt for the school (schedule to arrive tomorrow!) soon, and will have it (in addition to other merchandise) available by order, for our students and patrons.

THIRD – I am completing an amazing magical grimoir, that will also be available by special order. Materials are on route here as well, being brought by the DRAGONS from around the world! Stay tuned for images, details, and pricing.

FINALLY – But definitely not least! The full system of DRAGON ENERGY ATTUNEMENT & MAGIC is almost completed, and will be available for those who see to truly become Masters! Those who are paying students in the entry course will get 33% of their dues credited towards the LIAREDÆ: Cosmic Dragon Energy Healing Empowerment & MAGIC (if they seek true mastery!).

Stay tuned my friends… The magic is just beginning!

Published by wizardrothi

Shaman, poet, mystic, healer, spiritual warrior, and keeper of the light, teacher of ancient knowledge to enlighten humanity to their true potential.

2 thoughts on “Dragon magic!!!

  1. I so want to become a true master. …especially after yesterday….thank you do much for all the help I have received. …and the power I have grown. …or is fantabulous! !!


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