There are more people every day looking to help create a NEW EARTH… But let’s be honest, few are truly ready. You see… Most people are conditioned to fear change more than improvement. Preferring a certain suffering over the uncertainty of a better life (or job…relationship… Etc.).

We do seek others to be help manifest our vision into physicality… And let’s be honest, it’s quite an undertaking. To create a new earth(in HARMONY with NATURE, SOCIETY, & TECHNOLOGY), existing when the current system is so strongly a part of our control system.

While we support the ideology of contributionism, Ubuntu, and resource based economy… We still live in a world focused on (and built on) monetary value and currency. To transition into NEW EARTH we need to make a seamless transition. Working with and along side the current system, at least until our own system is fully integrated with ALL the aspects, materials, and services available within our economy.

The reason past systems failed. Is they refused to work embrace the current system until they had their own system fully integrated. For our success we will require complete conviction to our ideology, this means contributing to it’s development and operations in PHYSICAL, INTELLECTUAL, ENERGETIC, & ECONOMIC SUPPORT (on a regular basis). You see, we are all still conditioned to only place value on things that we are invested in…this means time & money both! (how much is not as important as the conviction and dedication).

This not only includes all the resources for creating and maintaining a functional society and its infrastructure, but the entire support system (medical, Healthcare, dental, counseling, therapy, spiritual, food & water, addiction / rehabilitation, and much more!)… All in alignment with Nature and Technology.

* Those who are interested in participating and supporting this community are asked to complete a short essay… Stating what skills, abilities, resources, and investment they are able to provide. What their prospective timeline is for donating (from a distance, in addition for when they would like to visit the land and arrange a trial period…to ensure that all are a compatible fit.).

Submit your application along with contact info for setting up an interview (video is preferred, but phone is acceptable).

* subject line – NEW EARTH