Middle pillar

This is an ancient guided meditation, first made famous by the founding member of The Order of the Golden Dawn, during the occult Renaissance.

The purpose of this exercise is to empower ones energy vortexes, finally casting a crystalline shield around your aura. Shielding and protecting you.

This can be performed as needed, once a week on your day off, while in bed, before you start your day is most beneficial.

Dragon magic!!!

Greetings to all… First I would like to say that the mastery course is open entry at all times ( SACRITINERIS.com/mastery ) because I am now doing the lessons as an email. Also the first 3 lessons are always FREE!

SECONDARILY – I will have the new sweatshirt for the school (schedule to arrive tomorrow!) soon, and will have it (in addition to other merchandise) available by order, for our students and patrons.

THIRD – I am completing an amazing magical grimoir, that will also be available by special order. Materials are on route here as well, being brought by the DRAGONS from around the world! Stay tuned for images, details, and pricing.

FINALLY – But definitely not least! The full system of DRAGON ENERGY ATTUNEMENT & MAGIC is almost completed, and will be available for those who see to truly become Masters! Those who are paying students in the entry course will get 33% of their dues credited towards the LIAREDÆ: Cosmic Dragon Energy Healing Empowerment & MAGIC (if they seek true mastery!).

Stay tuned my friends… The magic is just beginning!

Finding your magic!

There are many in today’s society who live in a constant state of feeling unfulfilled. Yet they continue to go through the motions of their knowingly unsatisfying life, working their dead end job, in an unhappy relationship (or miserably alone) because either they feel they don’t deserve better… Or they are worried that the alternative is potentially worse (so why risk it). I know… For I speak from experience!

Many of you know who I am and the life I live. My current existence is almost magical in itself. I live on 35 acres of (arguably) some of the most majestic land in the country… in a state of almost total freedom and tranquility. My needs are met, including this very land being provided… All on a basis of DIVINE FAITH! After being single for my entire life, I even have the most beautiful woman (and her son) who seek to join me in the very near future.

This has not always been the case. Less than a year ago, I was wrapping up my 30+ year career working in the culinary industry as a pantry cook (burned out from the whole industry, but unqualified for any other “normal” job). I needed to make ends meet, and was too afraid to live in faith…yet. (But that was soon to change!).

The writing was already on the wall. When I started my last job (which I took just because it was a wood fired hearth. And it gave me an excuse to play with fire) with the Fates telling me to fully embrace MAGIC in my life. You see, when I started work there, they already had another person named “KEVIN” so asked me if I had any nicknames. I replied, without hesitation, “The Wizard” … And it stuck! I learned in my few months there, many of their staff (especially at management and Executive level) were indeed very interested in “the left hand path”. So I became the local resource for those seeking to learn more of the occult.

Let’s rewind to set the scene in Colorado, on the beautiful land I call home now, and serves as the home to SACRITINERIS. I took a break from Chicago, to help my mom in her final years, in Wisconsin. A point in my life where I was open to being guided by the universe as to my next destination on this realm we call Earth. I had always been seeking to connect to the land and return to a more organic life. In this search, I came across the person who I am buying the land from where I currently reside (BL Robertson). Somewhere in the virtual realms, I saw this land he had and was seeking to start a sustainable community here. I paid a deposit to him, and began to work on finding others who were seeking the same path. Many people replied, but few were truly ready (or as mentioned, more afraid of change than suffering). So the land sat here under-utilized for another 4 years, with only a small cabin on it for his efforts.

Return to the Chicago timeline, in May of 2017. I’m feeling underappreciated and remembering why I got out of the hospitality industry. With long hours, low pay, and little respect. I get a message from BL that if I seek to buy the land he will work with me, on my terms, and that I can go live there (which would also help him in having someone to ensure the land stays safe from harm). I reply, I am definitely interested. And send him a small deposit. (Not having a vehicle of my own or any idea how I will get there!).

I get a message from a kindred spirit (Leanna Brandice Curry) in Florida (who we spoke about traveling the the country in her motorhome, on a spiritual sojourn… Which never manifested). That she has been told by the spirits that she is supposed to come to pick me up in Chicago and deliver me to Colorado. I take it with a grain of salt. Having been told before that she is coming, never to arrive. Low and behold, she does! (To my own surprise).

I definitely had a calling to the land here, almost like I was returning home. Even though (in this incarnation) I had never even really been to Colorado. The mountains always had called me. I ask one of my friends (who is married to Thoth, and communicates with him) if this was indeed my home. He (Thoth) replied “the land has always been yours” (how could I argue with Thoth?).

So here we are, my friend (who I have never met before, and drove from Florida for the sole purpose of delivering ME to “my home” in Colorado). Her young daughter, my dog, and a car full of “stuff”. Somehow it all fit into her tiny car. And we were off.

The trip was very educational for us both. More than anything, I think we learned the power of faith! In one’s life. That if one truly believes something, and is open to receive, that the universe can (and WILL) provide the means.

That is the message of this all. If you are unhappy in your life, ANY aspect of it
… Ask the universe, and be open to receive. Open to CHANGE! Know that you CAN leave the negative behind, no matter how deeply ingrained it is into your being! At any point, you can pick up and start over.

Think about what you truly want to do in your life… Find your true purpose. Be open to receive it. ANYTHING is possible… I am living proof. Currently running an on-line “school of magic” (similar to Professor X – school for the gifted, meets Hogwarts) and am casting it into physical Creation on the sacred lands I call home.

The only person who can stop you from reaching your true purpose… Is yourself!

Return of the DRAGON MAGIC!

Lasæ Æru (welcome, in the native Dragon Language) my friends, allies, and spiritual family. As many of you know, I have been blessed with much knowledge being granted (returned?) to me since my arrival at the sacred lands in Colorado where I am residing (home to SACRITINERIS: FRATERNAL ORDER OF THE ATLANTIAN DRAGON).

The last month ELOEMÆ (my Dragon guide, who has been my companion since ATLANTIS) has been teaching me a new system of DRAGON ENERGY ATTUNEMENT… Called LIAREDÆ (named after the cosmic Waters of Creation). I have been working with my spiritual Dragon family in refining and perfecting the techniques, so they can be applied to (and taught to) others.

The initial testing is done, and the program for teaching it is almost completed! I’m very honored to announce it’s return to the realm of Creation.

There are a total of 4 levels, the first being physical. Followed by mental, spiritual, and Finally AKASHIC (where one is granted access and healed from all realms of Creation). The full process takes 4 months to integrate, as each level requires one full lunar cycle of 29 days to integrate.

Stay tuned, and reach out if you are interested in receiving or being a facilitator of LIAREDÆ: DRAGON ENERGY ATTUNEMENT.


Cell phone or WhatsApp: 719-588-7262

The full system will be ready for teaching by March 15. We are also in CREATION of a full website dedicated to it.

Shielding and Protection

I have many who contact me in search of ways to break/repel spells, curses, black magic, and negative attachment/entities. Let me take this time to provide a few simple methods. One to repel any spells or curses, and another to create a shield to protect you from future attacks. But first… Realize, all in the realm of MAGIC (which is truly, our ENTIRE realm of existence. If we accept that it is) is created FIRST in the MIND.

Just like in “The Matrix” … The mind creates the reality. Even the physical realm, first started as an IDEA! Which was then concreted into the physical realm with focused intent and channelling of force. This is the same for the energetic and spiritual realms. ALL has the strength and ability to effect you, only with YOUR ACCEPTANCE! Nothing is your “Master” unless YOU choose to serve it!.

With that being said, let’s begin first with a mirror spell that will repel ANY spells, curses, or negative attachments. Including psychic and demonic.

Spell to REPEL any black magic
Black candle
Sea salt
Spring or natural water
Focused intent

This is done over the evening, when one is sleeping. Begin by placing the mirror in a location that will not be in the path of other people (or animals) in your home, I recommend to place it against a wall with just a foot or so of space between it and the wall. Place the candle so it reflects into the mirror. (The black energy of the candle will attract all negative energy, transmute it into light through the flame, and send it back through the mirror to it’s source.). Light the candle for the period of one night. Leaving it to burn itself out.

If one wishes – state your intent when you light the flame. Something to the effect of… “With the lighting of this flame, I hereby reject ALL negative attachment, spells, curses, and black magic. Sending it back to it’s source.”

The following morning, take up the mirror and clean it with the salt water. Be cautious to NOT look into the mirror until after you have completed the complete cleaning of it with the salt water! Also take up any remains of the candle and dispose of it in a stream of flowing waters, or bury it in the ground where it will not be disturbed.

When one buries the candle also dispose of the salt water used to clean the mirror, and any paper towels. Dispose of them at the same time, in the same way.

Take the time to thank them for their assistance, and return them to the Earth to be transmuted into raw material.

Energetic Shield

As stated… All in the realm of MAGIC is created in the mind. This is a mental visualization of an energetic Shield that is very powerful! It is strong enough to last for 3 days. But I suggest getting in the habit of doing it on a daily basis, when one first wakes up. It is based on the ancient symbol of Ascension… The Merkaba!

For those who are not familiar, the MERKABA is composed of two pyramids (one pointing upwards of light energy, the other pointed down and composed of dark energy). Both rotating in opposite directions.

Starting with your tantien (the core of your physical body, located 2 fingers width below your navel). First mentally project the pyramid (symbolic of fire) of light energy, pointing upwards. Allow the pyramid to expand until it reaches above your head and covers your entire upper body.

Next, create a pyramid of black light (the chaos energy of creation) going downwards, connected to the base of the pyramid you created previously (held in your subconscious mind).

Begin to visualize both pyramids spinning. The upper one going clockwise, the lower one counter-clockwise. Visualize them spinning faster and faster, as they gain velocity, they begin to create a terroidal shield around them of white light energy.

Allow your subconscious to cement this shield into energetic reality. Staying in place as your attention wanders and you return your focus to the physical realm, knowing that you are shielded on all realms from any negative energy. No matter how strong the source! Know that for them to enter, requires YOUR express approval!.


“Is the Divinity of MAN in harmony with CREATION.” (Anton Eliphas Levay)

Even the Bible says that man was created in the image of God. Therefore, MAN is of Divine Creation (and capable of being his own master). Man, according to the Bible, also was condemned to mortality for eating from the tree of knowledge(portrayed as the apple, which is a sacred fruit to the Druids… Because of the seeds forming a 5 pointed star when you cut it. The Druids were the biggest threat to Christianity in it’s early evolution). Tempted by a serpent (Dragon!) Because unlike religion, dragons embrace wisdom (and MAGIC).

Religion was created by Man, to allow the few to control the many. But wise man needs not divine guidance to prevent him from ill intent. You see… More violence and war has been caused in the name of religion, than by all other causes combined. Yet mankind fails to realize, all religion are the writing of man.

It is said that God created man In his own image. But what if the other is true? What if… Man created God? Or at least the corporeal concept we are so familiar with. As I understand it, GOD is not a person (although the energy of Divine Creation has been incarnate in many). God, in truth, is the Divine energy of creation. If you look to most (if not all) modern religion, they all go back to a common base, even from the same part of the world. There are many more similarities than differences in all religion. So… Why the argument over which is right, if they all truly teach the path of enlightenment? The answer is simply, as I stated. Because religion was created by Man.

We now embark upon an Evolution in consciousness, where Mankind is starting to awaken to his own true divinity, seeing past the lies and illusion, in order to rule as his own master, in alignment with divinity.

You see, the (self appointed) “masters” need you, but we do not need them. It is time for the return to MAGIC. The return of the Divine Hu-Man. The Ascension of consciousness.

Join me, if you will, as I offer the teachings of the Atlantian Dragon. Returning mankind to it’s divinity, as master of only ones self. Free from Ego, Fear, Regrets, or Judgement.

Classes start on January 15, with the first payment due on March 21. (The true start of the new year!).

Stay tuned for an article introducing the Dragons tree of Life, and the Language of the Fire Dragon. Which is the basis for our teachings, and guides us out of the shadow of our former self, lighting the path for our divinity.

Universe Soul Consciousness

Three day spiritual retreat: event summary and pre-sale for spiritual and experiential community to be located in San Luis Valley, Colorado. On sacred land bordered by Mount Blanca, the hot springs, and Alamosa Sand Dunes.

Special pricing!

Now $555 if prepaid!

Three days of Soul transformation

(Recognizing darkness, shadow, and light aspects of thyself.)


Overview: this series consists of nine alchemical meditations designed to unify the soul. Energetic and spiritual protection, removal of barriers and energetic distortions placed on the physical and astral self, a series of ancient Egyptian invocations that Christ actually went through as his initiation, recalling past life, and removal of bonds from this life (and alternative akashic existence) to clear the self and soul from limitations not serving your divine purpose.


$1111 retail value

ONLY $777

Limited Availability
Lesser banishing: ancient ritual and ceremony to cast out thy shadow aspects of thyself, and external forces not serving divinity.
Chakra: clearing, alignment, and shielding of the energetic meridians of the physical body.
Jehovian Seals: removal of boundaries, energetic blockages and other distortions placed on ones soul in it’s creation as a result of the boundaries placed on Earth’s crystalline grid through axiatonal lines 7 (meridian ley lines) which correlate to the left side of the body.

This begins the process of opening ones self to spiritual Ascension within the physical being, resulting in higher DNA activation due to the removal of the unnatural seals that block DNA strands 4 – 12 (and higher if Indigo) from ever activating.
Middle Pillar: ancient energetic visualization creating a crystalline shield around ones aura.

Alchemy Meditation:
– Philosophers Egg: bridging of ones inner and outer self.

– Separation: guiding one’s self to disconnect from external forces not serving ones higher good.

– Coagulation: connection and immersion in the universe, helping one achieve unity.

– Ourosburos: Creating unity through the unification of opposing aspects of ones soul.

– Hermaphrodite: Finding unity through embracing duality. Uniting the masculine and feminine aspects of one’s self.

– Caudecus: Bridging the active and passive, physical and spiritual aspects of one’s self.

– Sol & Lune: Learning the solar and lunar aspects of one’s self.

– Soul Bird: Nourishing the soul through flights of ones inner spirit. Bearing the essence of creation surrounding them.

– Heart Centered: Harmonizing ones internal pulse with the outside world.
Egyptian Initiation:

– Initiatory Blessing: Reminds the soul of who we are.

– God Self Invocation: Fully accepts and integrates the Divinity of ones soul.

– Sacred Wedding: Unifies the conscious and unconscious realms, waking and dreaming, Creator and creation.

– Divine Identity: Identifies ones higher self as God.

– Right of Totemic Integration: Emerging of ones totemic spirit into ones daily life and dreams.

– Overcoming Karma: Cleaning up of one’s life. Consequences of unconscious living.

– Soul Memory: Explore the akashic memory of ones soul. Clearing up ones past lives attachments.
Angelic Invocation: Calling upon the angelic forces of Divine creation as ones guardian and protector.
Akashic Memory: helping one to learn from past/parallel existence.
Akashic Ties Ceremony: Ritual to cut the bonds of ones soul, leaving a clean slate to create ones existence.
We are offering this three day spiritual retreat, all inclusive (private earth cabin, all meals, and services. On our 35 acre retreat in Colorado, at the foot of Mt. Blanca. Located on the North side of US-160.).
Retail value of this amazing package is $1111. However, because we are in the early stages of building, we are offering you a special discount of just $777, but only if you reserve in advance.
Don’t hesitate, reserve your Universe-Soul-Consciousness package today.
This special offer is only valid for a short time and may end without notice.
Email: sacritineris@gmail.com

Cell: 773-466-7327

The return to Atlantis

We are on the epoch of a monumental breakthrough! 

The tales of my Atlantis are not totally accurate. It was more than a place. It was a state…of BEing. Created by the consciousness of mankind, at the epoch of their abilities (in mind, body, and spirit.) I am gathering a team of masters in corporeality to recreate this realm, as we speak. 

 I have been very busy the last month or so speaking with some of my spiritual family, and have some exciting news to reveal! (With more in development, for the coming months).

First and foremost, I am finalizing details to purchase 35 acres of raw natural land located in San Luis Valley, Colorado (right on US-160. Less than an hour drive from Mt. Blanca, the Alamosa Sand Dunes, and the Hot springs.). This will serve as the physical home for my school and a school of alchemy, research facility, spiritual healing center, as well as a shop for selling​  items (made by the school, staff, and associates). 

In addition, I have been speaking with a member of my soul family who is a wise and skilled alchemist, currently residing in Oregon. We are working out the details to merge forces, so he will be teaching alchemy along with my spiritual energy work. In addition, he we are working on the rent/purchase of land in Oregon for an additional school there. 

I also am working with another alchemist already in Colorado, who is almost certain he will also be working in alliance with us, to create a new reality! 

Living facilities will not (initially) be on the formal school grounds in Colorado, but I know a few spiritual family that have land for off grid communities. We are also working on a huge announcement related to that, and should have more details in a month to 6 weeks. 

I will be going down to Colorado around the third week of June (next month) to finalize the details on it all, and work on the land from there. I will be going there with a healer/shaman that I know and have worked with in the past, who will be a part of the healing center. Until then, he will be on the road doing healing seminars and healing. (Some of which I will also be in attendance). 

All this growth and abundance does not come for free. It requires great faith and unconditional commitment of all resources, including a great deal of monetary investment. Currently my economic needs (and liquidity) are very limited! But the fates (and Lady Tara herself) have stated that this is my destiny, and the all I need  will be provided (and thus far, it has been). My associate who owns the land believes in me and my cause enough to work with me on the funding, as do Lord Enki and Lady Tara. So who am I to question divinity!? 

I have a few ideas in the works to help with the costs. Some conventional (putting together a financial and business plan, which I will work on crowd funding campaign, as well as considering a “time share” format.) In the more unconditional area, I had the inspiration of doing an arts and spiritual goods auction (on line) and potential fund raising event here in Chicago. I have reached out to a few colleagues and artists and gotten some amazing offers including original art from world famous artist, and rate Victorian era gems. 


You do not want to miss this auction!

Also 💯% of the donation and proceeds from my school and healing services are being invested into the property purchase and development.


I also had a vision of a healers dragon mask that I had when I was in Atlantis, and have recreated it. The prototype is NOT FOR SALE! – but I am presenting it here to show an example of it’s majesty. I am taking orders for custom designed and hand made to your spec. Based on the energy you seek to tap into. 

Prices start at $222 (plus materials and shipping fees). 

For reference, mine is as follows: Turquoise main body, orthrocera fossil nose, angel aura quartz horns, full flash labradorite third eye, Moldavite pupil. Copper wire, with silver and hematite accents.  $333 – (plus shipping) 

Please contact me if you are interested, sacritineris@gmail.com I’m happy to price materials and provide a free design estimate. (Final design is told to me by the crystals, so please be open to creativity). Normally design is $50 but I will waive it. And can work with payments. (but all materials MUST be paid in advance, and are non refundable.) 

DivInitY ( DIY)

Mankind has questioned its existence since the inception of cognitive reasoning. On the eternal hunt for a higher power around him, something in the vast expanses of the unknown (be it spiritual or scientific in nature) allowing us to escape responsibility for ones actions. “The devil made me do it.” … “We are on a mission from God.” …
We have been told since the beginning of creation that we have to answer to higher authority. Religious, political, military, etc. All masters chosen by man. I repeat “CHOSEN BY MAN!” The divinity you seek is within you. The final deciding factor for all of humanity. Is FREE WILL! Weather you believe you are MASTER or SLAVE…either way, you are CORRECT!! The choice is yours. So why do most chose to remain as slaves? A simple answer. MASTERY requires OWNERSHIP of your actions. It mandates that one think and act in accordance with the greater good, or take responsibility for the harm done to another as a result. This level of obligation is one FEW are ready to accept! (But ALL are capable of).
It is said that Man is created in the image of God. But what if the other is true… ? What if God truly is omnipresent… Not a person, but rather a spirit. The very life force of creation! Existing in unity, as neither and both man/woman. Symbolic of both darkness and light. As both are required for creation.
In fact “God” is the very energy of divine creation, and not a man. “Christ Consciousness” has been manifest in physical creation (known by many names… Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha, etc. ) Few realize “Jesus” is actually a TITLE (meaning “Savior”) just as Christ means ” the anointed one”… Also a title. The actual name of the Christ Savior was NEVER given in the bible. The reason for this, as I understand, because CHRIST is a state of being, a level of higher consciousness (that we can all obtain) where man acts in divine will (freedom from Ego) rather than a person, a personal representation of the potential of humanity.
Here lies the great paradox of creation. Mankind are spiritual beings, sharing a physical existence(as co-creators) in order to understand corporeal form, but to attain true spirituality one must break free from ego (physical attachments). Is it possible… to have a physical existence, without physical attachment? I believe YES! But it’s not an easy road, and many times it seems a solitary path. Remember, there is only one YOU, we all have our own path. All taking different roads to the same destination. Meeting others on their own voyage, helping (and getting help from) others we meet along the way. The big secret is faith in all. Knowing (without doubt) that all we encounter are divine will and chosen by our higher self. Some are chosen to teach us, some to make us stronger, some to help us to conquer our fears. But all happens for a reason.
Just remember, sometimes that reason is we make bad choices!
… Stay Conscious!

Recognizing Darkness

Learn and know thyself. Face and accept your fears as a part of who you are. See fears as respect for forces you perceive as stronger than your own, that are not in alignment with your divine purpose. But realize, fears are natural, and presented to us to teach and empower us. Not all darkness is your shadow self. It is important to become aware of your shadow aspects so you can learn what one must master from yourself, and what must be overcome from outside influences.
– SHADOW SELF – learn from your own internal fears, created by the conscious and subconscious of thy self. Recognize it as a part of you to teach you. Being that it is a part of you… Realize, you are its master. Not vice versa. As such, you have no reason to fear or succomb to it.
– EXTERNAL – learn to recognize the darkness projected from others. Realize it is a reflection of their own fears and insecurities, not yours! It is a creation of a weak soul, seeking to feed off the energy of others. Realize it is not a part of you. As such, it only has authority over you IF you allow it to have dominion over yourself. Ultimately, all is our choice.
– PHYSICAL / MENTAL MANIFESTATIONS – I realize mental demons (in the form of addiction, etc.) Can often manifest physical and mental challenges. For example if one turns to alcohol to silence the voices of ones inner demons, these “spirits” from the alcohol will then manifest in terms of mental and psychological demons.
– SACRED MEDICINES – Tobacco, Mushrooms, Peyote, Ayuhaska, etc. Are sacred elements of the earth. (Yes, even tobacco!) These are considered as such because of how strong their spirits are. These spirits, used currently, can be very strong allies and powerful teachers. But one needs to be mindful of their strength, and respect them by honoring them, not calling on them other than in sacred spade and time. The smoke of tobacco, if used in moderation, can consecrate a space. The same element, in excess, can cause health issues. I know how challenging it is to break free from an addiction. Perhaps a transition is to use sacred plants only in nature, where they’re from. So their powerful spirits do not get trapped in enclosed (unnatural) confines.
Stay strong in your convictions, know as a student and master walking the sacred path, we are protected by divine intent, by ANGELS and DRAGONS. The immortal masters of higher and lower realms. A dragon remains calm – victory is to the one who stays focused. Composed.
When presented with fears, face it head on. Accept it. Master it. Realize it is a reflection of your own fears, as a reflection…it is not real! So has no dominion over you. Unless you grant it!
Realize: you are master of your domain
Fear is imposed by weaker forces. To make us stronger.
Order the fear to depart.
Know: no matter how strong they seem to be, ALL external forces MUST submit to our authority. As the ultimate decision maker of our reality… Is OUR free will!
External forces that remain, do so ONLY with your acceptance.
They have one of four intents. Learn to recognize them.
Realize, there can be no darkness without the light. Which is master, is our choice.