BODY – mastery of thy corporeal being, sacred vessel for divine creation. The mediator, connecting to the divine self.

MENTAL REALM: activities in the mind, leading to mastery of the body. 

*Chakra Clearing –  1 hour
Working in the physical realm, we connect to the energetic body: clearing unwanted energies & making sure all meridians are open and in proper alignment to receive divine energy.

*Divine Light Healing – 45 min.
Connection to inner divine consciousness, binding your energetic body to the divine light of creation. Optional Rite Of Healing: ancient Egyptian invocation to look into the spiritual body, and see the source of physical ailments.

*Middle Pillar – 1 hour
Ancient Angelic ritual to invoke divine protection, energize the aura, and turn it into a crystaline shield.

 PHYSICAL REALM: working with the physical realm directly, to master the body.

PRANA: 1 hour
Series of meditations and breath work to empower you. Help your focus, and allow you to live in divine alignment. As the calm in the eye of the storm.

SIGILS : 1 – 1.5 hour
Custom created sigils using the symbolism of ancient magic. We create them custom for each customer to draw forward their true hearts desire, drawing upon objects and items they hold sacred. Spirit and subconscious works in symbols. Sigils are an effective way to reprogram them.

AFFIRMATIONS : 1 – 1.5 hour
Using sacred words of empowerment and divine language, we create custom affirmations for you to reconnect to your divine purpose and attain your true unlimited abundant potential. The mind is programmed by our words, the creation and repetition of affirmations helps to control the conscious mind.

* For best results we recommend the use of both a sigil and an affirmation, to allow complete mastery over both the conscious and subconscious programming. 3 – 4 hour

We go through a complete cleansing in physical and energetic body, then consecrate the items bound to the divine light of creation, and proceed with energetically drawing out the energies of the seven planetary rulers of this realm. The full consecration is a 10 day process. And the end result – your items will be bound to divine creation, shield led from all negative influence, and remain so for its entire existance. Includes instructions for clearing energies and cleansing it on the proper lunar cycle.