Universe Soul Consciousness

Three day spiritual retreat: event summary and pre-sale for spiritual and experiential community to be located in San Luis Valley, Colorado. On sacred land bordered by Mount Blanca, the hot springs, and Alamosa Sand Dunes. Special pricing! Now $555 if prepaid! _______________________________ Three days of Soul transformation (Recognizing darkness, shadow, and light aspects of thyself.) … Continue reading Universe Soul Consciousness

The return to Atlantis

We are on the epoch of a monumental breakthrough!  The tales of my Atlantis are not totally accurate. It was more than a place. It was a state...of BEing. Created by the consciousness of mankind, at the epoch of their abilities (in mind, body, and spirit.) I am gathering a team of masters in corporeality … Continue reading The return to Atlantis


- SACRITINERIS - course summary SACRITI - that which is sacred. ITINERIS - a path or journey - SACRITINERIS - “the sacred path” a course in mastery of self, manifesting and creating ones reality, on all realms of creation. Mastery over ALL elemental realms as they interact with our corporeal, mental, and spiritual BEing. Teachings … Continue reading SYLLABUS

Course Syllabus

INITIATE - (total of 4 weeks) 0 - 0 Intake processing: Application, Oaths, Bylaws, & Pledge. 0 - 1 Daily Rituals: bathing, breathing, shielding, smudging, meditation, & journalling. Thirteen realms, 13 moon calendar. 0 - 2 Initiatory Blessing, casting a sacred circle, recognizing darkness. 0 - 3 Platonic Solids, summary - meditation - Metatron Cube. … Continue reading Course Syllabus