Dragon Codex

The Immortal Dragon exists as its own master, claiming ownership of ones actions, eternally living in the present moment of creation. Those who walk the sacred path shall abide by their code of honor, fealty, and respect (for all creation).

1. The universe is life. Dragons ascribe to animism, or the idea that the universe is essentially alive.

2. All life is motion. Because the universe is alive, it is always in motion, growing in whatever ways it sees fit.

3. All motion has a destination. When a living being exists in the universe, it has a destination.

4. All destinations are part of evolution. When a living being has a destination, meeting this destination will help it evolve. By not meeting its destination, it will still evolve, but not as quickly.

5. The most natural evolutionary trajectories move outward in a spiraling pattern. If you imagine yourself moving in a spiraling motion outward around a given point, you can turn inward for a clear view of all the “layers” of yourself that you have thus unraveled. Dragons see the spiral as an intuitive model for one’s personal growth. It is the most organized and spontaneous path possible.

6. The spiraling pattern ascends into infinity. Since the spirits of humans and dragons alike are eternal, so is their spiraled evolutionary trajectory.

7. Infinity is the destination of the universe. Since conscious beings all have eternal aspects, and these aspects evolve into infinity, the destination of the universe is also infinity.

8. All is created in harmony. As teacher & student, in darkness & light, out of Chaos & Order. Embrace and accept this duality. When in Darkness, embrace the Light. Be the Fire of Creation.

9. Embrace and live in the eternal moment of creation. Free from regrets of the past, or fears of the future. The true Dragon is immortal! Eternally Present!

10. Be your own source of divinity, as neither master nor slave to any entity (except the divine light of creation). Living in unity with ALL. Free from judgements of thyself or others, causing no others willful harm, living in a state of selfless presence.

11. Look beyond life, beyond religion, beyond humanity. Always seeking out the higher truth. Divine Source Gnosis. In an eternally flowing state of being both teacher and student.

12.One’s oath is one’s sacred pledge. Pledge sparingly, for it must be as iron.

13. Respect ALL beliefs, ALL creation, and ALL knowledge as truth for the source which provided it, but not necessarily your own truth, or that of divine creation.

14. Maintain ones composure at all times. Victory in conflict comes out of higher gnosis and focused intent/action, not Chaos.

Clan of the Dragon’s Code of Honor

1) In all that you do be honest and fair. Always consider how your actions will affect your family, your Clan, and your standing among those Dragons who call you friend. If what you are doing will not bring honor or justice, or improve the world around you by even the smallest measure don’t do it. It is your duty always to ensure that no dishonor or shame comes to those dependent upon you because of your words or actions.

2) Take credit for, and accept the consequences of, all of your own actions, be it for good or ill. Everyone makes mistakes. Shame only comes in not owning up to them. And when you do make an honest mistake, forgive yourself as you would forgive others.

3) Accept no blame for that which you did not do without a very good reason such as saving an innocent from harm. Accepting undue blame to save the “honor” of another is not a good reason, for if they *had* any honor worth saving they would accept the consequences of their own actions rather than trying to pass it on to you.

4) Give your word only after great consideration as to how it may affect your duty to your Gods, your family and Clan. And when you do give your word you are honor bound to keep it. Should you knowingly or deliberately fail to do so, your honor is diminished until you make amends.

5) Do not engage in idle gossip or speculation about the affairs or actions of others. Never reveal the secrets entrusted to you by family, Clan, or friend lightly. To do otherwise shows you to be an untrustworthy person and seriously lacking in honor. The old adage “Loose lips sink ships” applies in all areas of life. The spreading of unsubstantiated rumor brings dishonor upon you and shame to your family, your Clan, and your Dragon friends.

The only exception to keeping a secret is when doing so would endanger an innocent, bring unjustified dishonor to another, bring shame to family or Clan, allow a criminal to go unpunished, or seriously violate the laws of the land. In this matter let common sense prevail.

6) What is yours is yours. Let no one take from you by force or con you out of that which is legally and rightfully yours. But also respect the property of others. Take nothing you are not entitled to or which has been given to you freely and with an open heart.

7) If someone who has wronged you, your family, or Clan comes before you in genuine repentance forgive them with out reservation. However, you have no obligation to forgive those who have wronged you yet made no attempt at restitution. Remember, while holding stubbornly to old, useless anger does you no good, neither does forgiving those who have not earned it. Forgiveness is a gift freely given yet still must be earned. It is not something that can be demanded of you, nor an “obligation” you must submit to in order to “move on.”

If you cannot honestly forgive then don’t… But also don’t let old angers fester in your heart. Instead release them to the Universe that they may be cleansed and dissipated. This does not mean you forgive the offender, it simply means that you to choose no longer let them have any power over you in any form.

8) Never neglect your family or Clan. Have the fierceness of a Dragon in their defense if and when necessary, and always be certain they are provided for before starting any new endeavor or taking any risk.

9) Always remember that having a cool head and calm mind is a virtue. The ability to keep your head when all around you are losing theirs is a benefit that will serve you well in all aspects of life.

10) Remember that you are a representative of your family, your Clan and your Dragon friends. You physical appearance and demeanor should reflect that. Show pride in yourself, your appearance, and your position in the Clan without being arrogant. Always strive to do your best everything you do. Be generous with self-praise (without bragging) and self-forgiveness when warranted.

11) When you gain power or authority, use it carefully and with wisdom. Remember that both power and authority grow with experience, and as a member of the Draconic Tradition you should exercise both with care, dignity and humility. No matter how wise you think you are, or how powerful, if you abuse what has given you there will come a time when the universe may decide to take it back.

12) Do not give your friendship or your allegiance frivolously or without careful consideration. Not all those who seek to be friends with you are worthy of that honor. A false friend can be more dangerous than the most bitter enemy. Make sure those whom you call “friend” are trustworthy and honorable.

13) Unless the lives and safety of your family or Clan are in jeopardy always obey the “laws of the land.” To do otherwise without true justification brings dishonor to you, your family, and your Clan and shames you before your gods.

14) Remember that dignity, a gracious manner and a good sense of humor are traits to be admired and cultivated.

15) Always be prepared for whatever the Future may bring. Life with all of its joys, sorrows and secrets is to be embraced and experienced to the fullest, for this is how one gains wisdom, knowledge and experience. When your time in this Life is done, return to your Gods with joy. Stand before Them with pride for a life lived with honor, and wait with a glad heart until your time of rebirth comes once again

The Three Main Principles of Draconian Magic

– Vision.
The magician is a visionary that gazes into the limitless and channels inspiration to his actions.

– Force.
The magician strives to use the potential force that is hidden in man and in nature.

– Action.
The magician transforms vision to reality through action.

Five Elementary Draconian Principles

– All is one.
Ouroboros or the dragon that bites its tail shows the eternal return and that the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning, in the small is the great and in the great is the small, the one is the all and in the all is the one. That which is above is like that which is below.

– All is force.
The universe is force in different forms. Force is movement. The force reveals itself through the seven rays or levels of vibrations which represents the seven colours in the spectrum. The Dragon is the force and when the Dragon manifests itself with seven heads, they are representing the seven rays. The force is manifested through the elements: plasma (fire), in the form of gas (air), liquid (water) or matter (earth). In itself the force represents the fifth element (the ether, the quintessence). The symbol of the quintessence is the Dragon.

– All is possible.
All boundaries and limitations are illusions. Only the visions and force of man creates limits. To follow one’s true will is the only law. Man can become a creator of himself.

– All is floating.
Reality is constantly changing. Order is illusion. Through movement and action man achieves the life and force to create his life. Stagnation leads to ruin. To rest in the arms of the Dragon is to follow the stream of force.

– Everything exists.
Nothing exists. Reality is a question of energy and perception. Nihilism is an expression that reveals lack of energy. Meaning exists if energy exists. Everything can be true and become true through a focusing of the right vision though the right force and right action to the right goal.

Esoteric Comments to the Three Basic Concepts of Draconian Magic

1. Vision: The word dragon comes from a Greek verb which means “to see”. The word can also mean “to flash”. Draconian magic is the magic of clear-seeing. Most people are living in a glass globe which is misted over by themselves. Through the mist they can only see the outlines of the world outside. The mist reflects the image of themselves and they are interpreting the world outside through their own reflection. They are caught in “a bubble of self-contemplation”.

Man receives information about the other side only after having filtered it through the self. When we are reaching intellectual knowledge it is filtered through a number of categories that are creating our understanding. The three main categories that we are understanding the world through are time, space and causality (cause and effect). The categories are creating our universe. The picture that we are receiving through the intellect and the categories is what we are calling cosmos, order and the side of light. The ideal state of perfect logical and intellectual understanding in the categoric system is what in mysticism and religion have been attributed to the world of the gods. The world outside the glass globe is what is called chaos and the unknown. It is “the dark side”.

It is also “the other side” or “the other” in relation to man who inside the glass globe is the starting point for his own understanding “the one”, “the only one” or “the first”. These are terms that usually are assigned to God. God or he gods are ideal images of oneself as one would like to see oneself and how one would like reality to be, in he mirror image. The other or the dark is the unknown outside. On this man are projecting fear for what is outside himself. The draconian path of clear seeing is by cleaning the globe from the mist so that the world outside is appearing clear and in its wholeness. The draconian path also makes transcendence outside the glass globe possible. The vision of the world outside is the drakon-principle :”to see”.

2. Force: The vision of the world/worlds brings knowledge. Knowledge is force. Every closed system (which the world inside the globe is) has a limited amount of energy. The energy and the ability of perception are connected. This is why the draconian paths (Kundalini yoga, Odinistic initiation, Typhonian alchemy etc) are focusing the inner energy to heightened perception to reach clear seeing, which will bring the possibility to get energy from the outside. This inner force is called “the inner dragon” and the outer force is called “the outer dragon”.

Everything is force and energy in different and on different levels of vibration. The world inside the globe is a stabilized system of energy in fixed form. The fixed energy is not accessible for man. Inside the fixed form is a core of pure free and moving force like the lava in the centre of the earth. This is the force that the magician is using and focusing to open a crack in the globe so that the world outside is accessible. In the world outside an infinite amount of force is now accessible for the magician. The magician uses the inner force to attain a vision of the outer force. This vision creates a charge of the inner force which increases the ability to see and access the outer force. It demands great force to see and to see gives great force.

3. Action: The third principle in the trinity of draconian magic is the necessary consequence and result of vision and force: action. Magic is the art and science to make actions, outer and inner that makes reality of a vision. If the vision seeking and heightened force of the magician is not used in concrete actions the magician will become burned out. Action is the necessary channel for the force that the magician is attaining through the vision of “the other side”. Action is the expression of magic. Through the force of the actions the magician can make his visions real.

Draconian Aphorisms

The Dragon is the winged serpent. The Dragon unites the serpent with the eagle, what is below with what is above.

The Dragon is the four elements. The wings are Air. The reptile body is Earth. The scales is Water and the burning breath is Fire. Thus the Dragon is the fifth element – the Spirit.

The Dragon is, in the form of Ouroboros, the serpent that bites its own tail. The Dragon is the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning.

The Dragon is beyond good and evil, night and day, female and male, plus and minus. The Dragon arises through the meeting of opposites. The Dragon is the polarity between plus and minus.

The Dragon is the symbol of Tao – the Journey – and the Journey is the goal. The Dragon is dynamic eternity.

The dark is the unknown, what is repressed from the conscious. In the dark is the hidden treasures of the soul.

If we light a candle a shadow appears. The more we strive for light the bigger shadow will grow behind us.

In darkness we can find fear. Through confronting darkness we are confronting fear and can be free from it. If we escape the darkness our fear will grow for what is in the darkness. In the Draconian Path a balance between dark and light, the creation of the light and destruction of the darkness is the goal.

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