We at SACRITINERIS recognize that as incarnate beings, it is essential to embrace every aspect of our existence equally.

  • PHYSICAL – in caring for ourselves, our environment, and the world around us.
  • MENTAL – realizing that the mind is the mediator between the physical and spiritual realm. Often creating our reality!
  • SPIRITUAL – as we believe that we are spiritual being having a physical experience. Not vice versa.

Many spiritual doctrines at best embrace two of these aspects. We believe that for true mastery of ones reality, they must equally embrace all three. If the body, mind, or spirit is weak… The other two will be compromised and also become weaker.

We offer a complete course in Dragon Magick. Why dragons…?

  • Few archetype or beings in the history of creation are as revered (or feared) as the legendary Dragons!
  • Dragons are considered the master of the elements, in their pure raw form! Capable of directing their energies.
  • Dragons are born of the abyss. Residing in a state of UNITY. Before the duality of our existence.
  • Dragons believe in animism. That being that all is alive and connected. That the universe is on and of itself sentient.
  • The macrocasm is a reflection of the microcasm. So in mastering the self, one can master the entire universe.
  • Dragons embrace both the intellectual world (knowledge) and the physical (as guardians of treasure). So they alone seem to fully embrace all aspects of existence.

There are many who profess to offer the knowledge and teachings of the dragons. But you will find most (if not all others) incomplete, as they approach it from an Earth based perspective. It is clearly obvious that, while the dragons can influence the realm of earth… They are not incarnate beings on Earth. Even in my lifetimes of dedication to the dragons, I have yet to see and touch one for a very long time!

Let’s start with the difference between Earth based Magick (Wiccan and pagan) and high Magick. (ritual).

Earth Magick …

Utilizes earthly elements (such as plants, animals, crystals, gems, and minerals) in association with simple rituals to call upon the spiritual energies of the world around us.

Earth Magick gives one much greater ability to control the world around them, and even work with spirits. But it is much simpler (and far more limited!) Than High Magick.

Ritual and High Magick…

Works directly with the raw elemental forces of creation… In their pure state, as well as with spirits, entities, demons (daemons), and other non-incarnate forces that have FAR greater energy and ability than the energies of earth. These energies are not only more powerful, but also more difficult to work with and control.

The course includes the steps required for one to overcome their doubts and fears utilizing tools of Psychology, Spirituality, Mysticism, Meditation, and Magic. Also included is a complete course on TAROT and the Queballah.

What is required for the practice of High Magick?

  • Total dedication and commitment is the first thing one must have.
  • Unconditional faith… In yourself (and the practices of MAGICK).
  • FREEDOM… from all doubts and fears.
  • The ability to recognize both the light and shadow aspect of themselves and the world around them.
  • The commitment of investing in themselves and the teachings. Not only in time, but in compensation for the lessons and time the school has spent to compose them. Realize.. you are investing in yourself!

email: SACRITINERIS@gmail.com

Phone: 719-588-7262



– Our customers speak for themselves

Awesome information and insight, a unique experience. Highly recommended. – GREGORY L.

High amounts of knowledge. – JAKE N.

If you want to know more about high Magic… The body, mind, and spirit this is the place to be. – LETA T.

I have been working with rothi to better myself and my skills. His lessons have been very informative and in depth. If i have any questions he always lets me know and provides me with sources to find the answers and more ways that I can become in tune with the energies around me. I am a practitioner of 10+ years and though I am very knowledgeable I do not know everything, every practitioner has their strengths and weaknesses and rothi is helping me with some of my weaker areas. – ANGELO M.

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