On the path to MASTERY… As an initiate, guided by the masters of MAGICK (the legendary DRAGONS). The prospective student has three options.

  • NAGA – is the entry level student, who will receive the weekly lessons and have access to the members only forum. To help you to understand the path of the Dragon Mage, and meet other kin on the – path.
  • DRAKE – will also have access to the monthly LIVE DISCUSSION! For members ONLY at this level or above. It is an open forum for all your questions related to the legendary DRAGONS and their MAGICK, where you will be able to ask them to our archimage himself. Live and in person!
  • DRAGON – at this level, one will (in addition to the above) receive ONE ON ONE counseling, healing, and guidance (maximum of 90 minutes per month, with our archimage himself.).

The rates are as follows…

  1. NAGA – Dues are payable on a weekly basis (at $13/week), every other week (at $25) or a monthly basis (for $45). Payable via PayPal.
  2. DRAKE – dues are on a monthly basis, due on the 15th of each month. Payable via PayPal (for $111.
  3. DRAGON – payable on a monthly basis, via PayPal. With monthly dues of $199. Due on the 15th of the month.
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