What is LIAREDÆ…?

Quite simply, the most comprehensive system of DRAGON MAGIC ever been known to man. The name LIAREDÆ is the dragon language for the Cosmic Waters of Creation, where it draws it’s energy.

LIAREDÆ began as an energy Healing System (similar to REIKI, but MUCH more powerful and higher energy), and continues to be (arguably) the most powerful energy healing available. But in a short time it has evolved into much more! It has taken life, becoming sentient in it’s own right.

There are a total of four levels of activation in cosmic dragon energy. They move from the most dense and directly effecting our realm to the most etherial. Each activation is done separately and a full lunar cycle of 29 days is required between stages for the body to fully integrate the energies.

Physical is the first level of activation, assisting us in strengthening and healing our bodies directly, in addition to aligning us with our physical environment, providing for our physical needs and growth.

The second level is the realm of the mind. In magic (where Dragons reside) all is created first in the mind. When one Masters the realm of the mind, anything is possible. This has a ripple effect, as our present thoughts have energy that effects the future, and also begins to more directly effect those around us, breaking free from others judgement and negativity.

The third realm is that of the spirit. This helps us in finding acceptance and harmony with our feelings and emotions. Bridging to the truly higher realms and psychic abilities. Allowing us to see and interact more directly with higher realms, clearing away emotional damages and karmic attachments.

The fourth and final realm is that of the Akashic. It holds within it the realm of possibility, all records of all creation. As Dragons are timeless, this allows one the ability to heal and gain new insight from not only the past, but the theoretical future self as well. When one fully Masters the realm of the Akashic, they attain total mastery of all they do and interact with, on all realms of creation.

* In addition to it’s healing, as mentioned, evolving into a full system of DRAGON MAGIC. It includes your own GRIMOIR (journal of DRAGON MAGIC) which can also be purchased separately…complete with a the full dragon language (fire Dragon runic and earth Dragon light language) and a dictionary of key terms. Your very own sacred dragon pen, dragons blood candles (also available separately) to call forth the protection of the Dragon! And more!!!


I’m sure there are many who seek confirmation or accreditation to verify the credibility of this (or actually any) esoteric system of energy work. Wondering if it is indeed real. Let’s start with the realization that, in the realms of magic, all is created in the mind. So if one believes in something, it has the ability to manifest it. While this applies here, and is even verified in quantum physics, we go beyond there. Believing that the energy of the mind also effects those around us. So be very aware of what you believe in. We happen to think that believing in Dragons, trusting that they are our allies, and offering their wisdom, strength, and protection … Is a good thing. But we know it’s not for all.
We have been doing tests of this system and a prototype that’s related to it, since it’s knowledge has been shared with us (with amazing positive response, even from people who don’t believe in Dragons!). Perhaps even more significant though, is our recent accreditation by the Arcturian Council of Ascended Masters (who are the galactic parent organization of the Great White Brotherhood, many of you may have already heard of) in addition to the Council of White Dragons (who are the body that both of the aforementioned organization are born out of, that has been here working in light since creation). This system of healing and energy work was shared with humanity by this ancient order of benevolent dragons, and draws upon their own wisdom, knowledge, strength, and energy.

Stay tuned… The MAGIC is just returning!