We have our School of Mastery that we are currently seeking applicants: please see the full summary and course listing below. In the meantime, we offer personalized life coaching. Sharing all our gifts and abilities with you, on a personal basis! All the benefits of MASTERY – in the present moment. We have done all the work, and study. You only need to contact us and start the discussion.

School of Mastery –

First session: Starting January 15, 2018. (With the first dues of $33/lunar month payable on 21 March, 2018. The TRUE beginning of the year!) We will be featuring LIVE classes on our home base located in Alamosa CO. Lessons will be sent out on the lunar cycle (every 2 weeks … The new and full moon) in audio, video, and print format.

The course includes a complete path to mastery including Meditation, Ritual, Affirmation, Invocation, Breathing, and Movement (based on the principles of Sacred Geometry, Alchemy of the Soul)… the path of the Atlantian Dragon!

The lessons alternate between mental/spiritual lessons, and the physical (creating martial art based on sacred geometry).

SACRITINERIS – the Sacred Path

(A mystical martial art. Uniting Mind, Body, & Spirit: through movement, meditation, invocations, and energy work – based on Sacred Geometry… The formula for Creation of life itself.)

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What is your relationship like with your parents and family?
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Do you have any history of study in the dark arts ? (Vodun, santeria, vampyrism, succubi, necromancy, blood rituals, etc).
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What is it you seek to gain by study of the occult?
What are your interests in the occult/magic/mysticism?
What are your other hobbies and interests?
Are you aware of and willing to make the commitment required to gain mastery over your reality?