Cleansing and Empowerment: of the Mind, Body, & Spirit…

Is the road to health, prosperity, and abundance. I myself have been over 30 years without a single ailment, and only hospital visit as a result of being stabbed in the neck (mugging): which resulted in a dagger going 4″ into my neck, yet the wound closed itself up and I did not even need stitches! I am a living testament to the bodies ability to heal! Without drugs or other foreign substances.

Our services are divided up by what they most effect.

  • Mind- the master and commander. Mediator between higher(spirit) and lower(physical) realms. We place this first. However, because it is most powerful and influential.
  • Body- the corporeal realm, the vessel carrying the higher self. For one to have a strong and healthy soul, one must have a solid carrier for it, free from threats.
  • Spirit- the higher self, connecting to ones past and future self. For all in creation happens in the present moment.

We Survive On Faith & Generosity! 

We understand that time is money, and have listed next to each service the amount of time it requires on our behalf (on average) to perform each service.

Realize this is an estimate of time required for services ONLY! It does not include the thousands  of hours of study and meditation, with monastic commitment (and LIFETIMES committed to the craft).

How much is your health, prosperity, and divinity truly worth to you?

If our words and teachings inspire you, please reach out and donate as you are able to. Every little bit makes a difference!