SPIRITfocused on mastery of the higher and lower self, cutting bonds and ties from past (alternative) lives that no longer serve our divine purpose. Realize, in spirit all is the present moment of creation. Time is a construct of labor created to enslave humanity. Accept that ALL happens in the moment of its creation, and one can master ALL realities, on every plane of existance.

*Overcoming Karma – 1 – 1.5 hour
Ancient Egyptian invocation to cut karmic ties from this lifetime. As well as a karma clearing of the energetic body. Also includes karma recalling session to explore what oaths need to be cut . Issues to address, and a followup session to verify they are indeed no longer limiting you

*Akash Invocation – 1.5 – 2 hour
Ancient Egyptian invocation to connect to the akashic record of thy corporeal being, guided meditation to allow you to see into your parallel realities, through the akash. And a ceremony to cut ones akashic ties no longer serving your divine purpose.

* Spirit Guide Connection –  1 hour

Invocation of spirit to draw forth from the either the spirit guides which you are connected to. Including ancestors, angelic, and totemic guides as well as those of mystical and magical realms (as applicable) such as Elves, Dragons, Sprites, etc.

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